Removal Boxes and Moving Supplies


RHT Removals provides packing boxes and other moving supplies in order to help along with your house removal. We can supply Removal Boxes, Packing Paper, Bubble Wrap and Tape.

On your free estimation we can provide you with a starter pack in order to move, this consists of 10 boxes and a roll of tape for just £10.

Wardrobe Boxes

A high quality double walled extra strong large packaging box designed especially for clothing, has a closing door and a top which can be sealed for extra protection. Our wardrobe cartons comes complete with a strong plastic rail to hold even heavy garments such as suits or coats. It is invaluable for saving time on your packing – just lift clothes out of your wardrobes and put it straight into it. You can also store new shoes and handbags at the bottom of each Wardrobe, when you’ve finished with them why not use them for storing winter coats or clothes you don’t need right now? Holds up to 22 thin hangers with clothes. Half size of standard single wardrobe, but less in height.

Moving Boxes 

Small Removals Box: Double wall, suitable for general packing and storage – To move the smaller heavier items. Books become extremely heavy when bulked together, in this case to place in smaller boxes is much more suitable.

Medium Removal Boxes

When buying cardboard boxes it is important to buy quality cardboard to protect your items. Removal boxes are ideal for packing up larger lighter items, kitchen equipment, toys, linen, duvets, clothes, etc. It makes sense to include a good number of these cardboard boxes. As with all our packing products, this removal box will come to you flat packed and can be easily assembled with packing tape.

Packing Paper

Acid free packing paper, premium quality, ideal for wrapping crockery, ornaments, bottles, suitable for protecting the more delicate items. Make paper balls and separate items, make bumpers, fill the empty spaces in the boxes to minimize against damage. Compare the cost of these papers against your precious items, remember, the more you use, the better protected.

Bubble Wrap Extra Large

Made from tough micron polythene. Being flexible helps bubble conform to the shape of your product; the medium size bubble is particularly good at protecting furniture, larger items and filling voids. Can be cut and resized for smaller items accordingly.

Shrink Wrap

Cling film or plastic wrap is ideal for securing irregular shaped loads. A quick and clear way of wrapping, stabilising and securing palletised goods or Furniture. Protects from dust and weather when in storage or transit. Cast film will adhere to itself – and retains it’s tension whilst in transit. Gives better grip after applying on slippery items making it safer.

Marker Pen 

Black or blue ink for marking every item packed, helps while unloading into property.

Brown and clear sealing tape

Ideal for sealing carton packages, boxes, bubble wrap, etc. can seal packages up to 18 kg in weight.